Waste of food will be a thing of the past, we hope so!

O Desperdício dos alimentos poderá ser coisa do passado - waste food

Is it a new contribution to the economy? Maybe you do not know, but it’s already a reality today. In France and abroad, many initiatives involve the development of these alternative models. In partnership with MAIF, “20 minutes” ( a French communication website is very interested in all these project developers and other change factors.

There are five applications available in France that fight against food waste.

Three euros a box with twelve sushis, one euro a sandwich, these are the prices we can find with “Optimiam”, “Too Good To Go” among many other anti-waste applications that has appeared in recent years in France.

What is your concept?

Allow consumers to buy from merchants, products that were not sold at much lower prices, rather than seeing them go to waste. A growing market, but still very small, given the scale of wasted food waste in France.

A recent study by the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the latest accounts made were 10 million tons of food per year. A portion of these discarded foods comes from the retail sector that is responsible for up to 1.4 million tons per year.

OptiMiam: the most popular

“There is a real desire of the public to reduce confusion. The purchase of these products is nothing degrading, “said Alexander Bellage, co-founder of Optimiam. Launched in 2014, this app that won the “startups” contest of 2015 – now comprises 80,000 users and 330 points of sales partners. Your principle? Allow marketers to sell on time, all thanks to a system of promotions of up to 60% of the base price. “When a baker, for example, performs excess production, he must notify users of the application that they can find these items and their business, thanks to geolocation.”

The consumer only has to pay the merchant and complete the transaction in the application. “In addition to bringing in additional revenue, it is also an opportunity for companies to serve new customers and make their image more eco-friendly,” says the young entrepreneur.

Minimize the effects of waste by eating only what your body needs. See more! (link under construction)

The application is also open to hotels and event suppliers. Only limit of the app: it only works in Paris and Lille. A problem that the Too Good To Go team intends to solve through an ongoing crowdfunding campaign.

Share your refrigerator: le Bon Coin de la nourriture, food as exchange currency.

Finally, if you still have some bananas or a ham package in your refrigerator for example, when you go away for a weekend away from home, you can give them this opportunity to go through the “share your refrigerator” application. “Our idea is to make food a bargaining chip,” says Sébastien Leflond, one of the founders of the association behind this app. “It is very convenient in case of surpluses, for example, if your fruit tree produces too much for its own consumption.”

In addition, the application also allows you to manage collective refrigerators, for example, in a company or building. Just take a photo of what they offer and post it on the platform to your neighbors or colleagues. An opportunity to know and create social ties while wasting less.



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