Do you believe?
that someday, we can wake up and see a different world, a world different that we are used to seeing today? That all rush turns to kindness, that every work be respected and praised like the others, that our forests could grow again, that every animal that sacrifices his life to feed us would know that his death was not in vain, where all the differences are channeled into a common goal, which is to care for, preserve and love life in this world.
How can we do that?
I'm not saying that we should go back to the caves, but rather that we can reduce pollution, waste and reuse what we use and throw away. Fix and preserve, stabilize in number and thus make the best use for everything and everything that are wasted on this path. We dont need to grow, we need to stabilize, we need to evolve!
Think Natural wants to invite you!
to live, believe and invest on this idea, to start going somewhere, we must base more recycling companies and increase the diversity of use of these materials.
Let's dicuss it! Taynã Grant Pusch at Pensar Natural - SOUTH BRASIL.
Companies and People can help with ideas!
with machines, with any support, can participate, can undertake it. There are many people that needs employment, we can provide them jobs, we can do workshops, teach and learn, and do a better way of what we throw away and make money with it.
Where to start?
I live in Florianópolis the capital of Santa Catarina, here is a place that wants to become a pole of sustainability and for this happen we need to get united, if where you are dosen't have this space to apply, there are many people like you and me interested in develop these works, we may be the only ones to develop this idea, "I hope not", but we can be a reference, for a new model of living, a sustainable model, a model for life, for the future. Make our existence worth it!"

About us!

Taynã Grant Pusch - CEO
I am an academic chef, I worked for many years in that area and I realized that I could do more than just it, I always wanted to do something better to the world, because I believe on it and here I am, struggling to spread good humanitarian practices in relation to the world , I hope you come to be part of this feeling, to be part of this idea. Build a better world for tomorrow!