Ingesting in smaller amounts helps to lose weight in a healthy way

You will realize that stopping eating sugar will do more good than harm. Because sugar as a rule has as its main function is to provide energy to the organs and to the brain, the unused advantage ends up turning into that unwanted fat! So stay tuned.

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The high sugar content of food!

They are sweet, cakes, soft drinks, sweet tea, flavored coffee (sugar, cream, chantily), and some options that are considered healthy are also sources of high sugar content like frozens and smothies.

It adds extra calories to the body that are converted into body energy reserves, which are the fats distributed in the body, the more men present in the belly, the more present woman in the legs and glutes.
Sugar has an effect on stress. In stressful conditions, the body increases the level of Cortisol (fat), and these calories are directed to regions such as the belly for example.
High levels of sugar in a body with low metabolism, ie no activities that burn calories, are factors to develop belly fat and other deposits.
Other factors that are responsible for unwanted tummy!

Did you think sugar was the main cause ?, but there are a number of factors that can not be ignored:

ALCOHOL: High dosage of alcohol results in inflammation, liver malfunction, increases calorie accumulation, reduces fat burning.
LACK OF ACTIVITIES: Not exercising in a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest factors in the accumulation of fat (belly), in this case, you burn less calories than you consume, and this excess of calories goes to the unwanted regions.
LOW PROTEIN IN FOOD: this increases the appetite hormone and you end up ingesting more food, resulting in more accumulation of extra calories.
FAT-TRANS: directly associated with accumulations of fats in the belly, are examples, margarine, cream (chantily, sauces) and fried foods.
INTESTINAL INSUFFICIENCY: The lack of healthy bacteria in the intestine impairs digestion. This also implies poor absorption of nutrients and accumulation of fats (belly).
FRUIT JUICES: they are responsible for developing an insulin resistance, then burning less sugar, destined to accumulate energy, fat (belly).
STRESS: Increases Cortisol levels in the body directs more fats to the regions of accumulation.
INSUFFICIENT SLEEP AND GENETIC FACTORS: are potential sources of unwanted fat in the belly, as well as lowering sugar intake is important, it is good to consider these factors for better success in belly fat loss.



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