Learn how to start run well!

Learn how to run well

When you start running feel something wrong? Do you believe it’s such a challenge that it can not be overcome? What are your fears?

I started running as a teenager, not that I did it every day of my life, but I always strive not to give up laziness and sedentariness, that is, I eventually do races that help me control mood, weight and health .

start to run is a complete aerobic exerciseAerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Running is an aerobic exercise, that is, you use oxygen to perform a rhythmic effort, in other words, you can not run well without you breathing properly, because you use a lot of energy for all muscles, Heart and lungs.

When you lift weight, the exercise performed is anaerobic because you put a lot of effort into working just one muscle group at time, although there is adequate breathing to perform this exercise, has great intensity within a shorter interval while exercise Aerobic exercise has lower concentrated and longer interval, requiring greater breathing and cardiac work.

Benefits of running

As mentioned above, the benefit of running is belongs to this cardio-respiratory work, we possess a cycle of energy in our body, when it accomplishes this type of exercise all the effort of the body is to sending energy in the form of glucose and oxygen for the muscles, then a very high burn of energy and oxygen happens.

The body burns all sugar (glucose) very quickly, so much that after the first 15 minutes of aerobic exercise every reserve of glucose is “oxidized”, or “burned” and after that our body starts to mobilize the fats to process energy for the exercise, it is why aerobic exercise is the most recommended to lose fat.

“Anaerobic” physical exercise contributes to an increase the muscle mass, which will then require more energy from the body because it has more tissues to feed or supply energy, in other words, when you start to lose weight and strengthen your muscle, you will lose more calories because you have more mass to feed it, and with aerobic exercise and this will further accelerate the process of weight loss or loss of these fat storage.

So let’s go!


This is the first step before running, it is also worth mentioning that the weather at which the exercise is carried out also contributes to the performance, for example: running under strong sun the yield is much lower than running under a lower sun exposure (At dusk) where you will get a better performance.

Stretching should always be performed before and at the end of aerobic exercise the same with anaerobic excercise, it helps dont get hurt by the activite. Stretch the upper limbs (arms, shoulders, head) and then the lower limbs (legs and hip).


How to run without getting exhausted

After performing the stretches, you will begin to walk from mild to moderate, start walking faster to start breathing harder and after 1 minute to 5 minutes begin to run slowly like a jog-trot, what is enough to make the heart and lungs do more work.

After 15 minutes you will go much further!

The first 15 minutes are the most tiring because the body seeks to adjust breathing and rhythm, and in this moment pay close attention “on your steps” that is the movement of coming and going of the legs, they have to keep pace with their inspiration “breath in” and your expiration “breath out”, without this well-formed cycle it is very difficult to obtain a good result, because you will tire fast enough to give up performing the exercise, so checking this point is very important.

The sync between the “step” with your breath automatically causes the heart to perform at the same pace and establish a job adequate for the energy demand required by the exercise. As we are individuals with our individualities and particularities I will cite my experience to better understand what you can do:

Movement for breath in: instead of making a complete inspiration, I divide it into 2 short breaths in to compensate 2 steps, each short breath with a leg movement.

Movement for breath out: also instead of making a complete exhalation the same division is made, I seek to expire in 2 short breaths out in two steps, one breath out for each leg movement.

This is my model of the complete movement of inspiration and expiration on running, and this is continuous, when you are doing this it becomes a song, and this musical rhythm begins to orchestrate the heart and the mobilization of all energy. So to make it clearer, the cycle is 2 inspired with 2 steps and 2 exhaled with 2 steps, each time you inhale and exhale completely you take 4 steps.

* Very important, always breathe in through the nose and exhale only through the mouth.

Always get your lungs almost full, and do this work, when you feel your body asking for a different rhythm of inspiration and exhalation, I’ve realized myself several times after 30 minutes of running, doing two inspirations and one full expiration, also doing 3 inspirations and 1 expiration, but following the same rhythm as each breathing cycle, which constitutes 4 steps.

If you understand this model and apply it, you will enjoy to running, you will be able to run for great distances and time, because this breathing model makes all the difference, It’s like managing body energy and endurance.

Going back to the subject of the first 15 minutes of running, you will notice that your body will be in tune with that compass, and you will be transported to a state of meditation while running, when you find yourself doing 5, 6, 9, 10 or more kilometers in a single race. Same as 3 a 6 miles.

Recommendations and considerations

start run well dont get hurt

I suggest respecting your limits, this will guides us through the results. For example: I already had my best moment when I had 12km in 1 hour of running, but after some discomforts in the left knee I started to use a bicycle for a while, my knee recovered and today I run again, but I’m taking easy. I have to improve my physical conditioning, otherwise my knee will bother again.

Aerobic Exercises covers a range of practices: running, pedaling, swimming and others. Racing is one of those that I identify the most, as it is just put a sneaker and do it. Today you can still use applications that gives more incentive to continue, there are several in the appstore, but my favorite is “Mapmyrun” or “Mapmyride”.

With these applications you can see your average time, path, elevation, amount of calories spent and even exercise and feeding programs. You can also add other friends and keep track of their activity, share on social networks. But anyway, the most important of all is the performance of the sport, so come on, start running and never stop!



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