Understand a little about how the body works!

Nowadays everyone looks for healthier results, especially those who are a little overweight, but when it comes to losing a large amount of mass, some points should be checked, such as age, health, mood. If you do not have problems with your heart, time and money. So get to work!

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First, for you to lose this amount of weight in a short time, a point should be observed, if 33 pounds less will leave you thin as a teenager at the height of your health we can stop there, why? There is a percentage of fat that is easier to lose, another part already requires another stage of strategy. Let’s cite an example:

A woman, 5 ft 3 12 height and 176.37 pounds:

Her ideal weight would be between 110-149 pounds, so she would reach 149 pounds would be more tangible “possible,” than going to 110, say she can lose 33 pounds more easily than a person who has the same height at 154 pounds, And want to lose the same 33 pounds.

Our body consists of several volumes, one of them is the fat, say that of 100% fat of a body with overweight, 50% can be lost with a certain ease, another 20% already requires a little more, and if For another 20% will be even more costly, but none of this is within the impossibility, but what I mean if you want to lose weight, great! This is always a start, but know that a percentage will be easier, and the other steps will need a plus effort.

Shall we start to lose weight?

Adaptation Phase

Start with a week of adaptation, where you will try to break all those anxieties and previous customs, ie if you do not change some habits will make your summer project does not leave the runway.

Am I going to starve? on the start, but rest assured that much less than you imagine!

It’s gonna be hard? At first, yes, but then it goes.

Am I going to need to cut the candy? No, but you’re not going to get caught up in a icecream show either.

So here we go, first tip: change sweeteners, acidulants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers by more natural elements. Examples:

Sugar refined by organic or brown. If you can not, just reduce the amount used. Tea without sugar, coffee without sugar, juice without added sugar. They are examples.

Another tip: do not cut the sugar totally (carbohydrate), this is bad!

Try to ingest always in few quantities.

Food, why this step is so important!

Industrialized foods: nissin lamen, cup-noodles, frozen foods like: ‘put in the oven or microwaves and ready’ are great for ease but they usually have substances to increase their validity. throw them away!

Do not use more than two types of carbohydrates in a single meal.

They are examples of carbohydrates: rice, beans, spaguetti, pizza, potatoes, pasta, bread, snacks, including of course: chocolates, cookies, jams, jellies and etc … put on your head, all of those are sugar or carbohydrate with a high level of energy.

So you must to be thinking, “oh! it’s better get dead eating tasty stuff and be happy. ” When you feel the energy that you did not even remember you had, when you look to the mirror and love yourself much more, and when your ‘crush’ starts to notice you more, you will remember that you were wrong.

So when you’re at lunchtime, you will get the fresh leaves, as they help you absorb less “sugar” carbohydrate in the same meal, and at the same meal you will have to choose your carb: rice, beans , pasta or potatoes. Never, NEVER, all together. Oh! And the sauce? The sauce always have fat, milk cream “milk fat”, sometimes it has maize starch, what means sugar also, really? there are people who does not know what’s comming with a nice little sauce, to tell you the truth, everything that’s delicious is rich in fat, sugar or both. Then delete the sauce either, or use a few drops.

How should my plate look like?

When you are choosing what going to your plate, you will divide it into 4 parts:

1 – leaflets (leafy in general, lettuce, rucula, sour), 2nd – vegetables “less cooked if possible”, because the cooking eliminates part of the effect of the fibers and highlights the sugars in them, 3rd accompaniment: make a choice in the options of carbs that will accompany your plate: rice, beans, potatoes, lasagne and puree are examples. Remember that you should not combine them anymore, but choose only one of them to follow until you begin to understand the size of a proper portion, because when you join (rice, beans, potatoes and lazapha) for example, your glucose goes to the stars and the fat mass goes too. So remember: this is the only element of your meals that will decrease, that is, it will cut in half, if you want to change for more leaflets and tomatoes (vegetables).

4th – Now is the time to choose your meat: as long as you do not eat excess meat fat, example: “ah, I love chicken skin … Hmm! I have a crush on a fat-meat “Don’t do it anymore! And by not doing this you can extrapolate in the porcion of meat, A LITTLE BIT!, but without excess, because the Kidneys thank you!

Leaner protein sources: (meat without white parts, pork loin, chicken breast, eggs, mushrooms …)

Your dish will have usually 4 groups: a Carbohydrate (a serving of rice, or beans, or pasta, or potato). Leaves (lettuce, arugula, watercress), Vegetables (tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, raw carrot) and finally Meat.

Oh! I ate that and I’m still hungry! Really?  it’s a fact! You will no longer be eating the same amount of sugar (carbs) and your brain will notice that, besides that your body takes a while to get used to, and believe it, will starts to get used to. I’m saying that it takes between 20 to 45 days for that happen, so on the future you will be satisfied with less food or “tiny portions”.

Oh! what about dessert? If at lunch you make a non-carbohydrate dish, that is, only meat, vegetables and salad, you can eat a candy or a chocolate.

Ready! Now you will lose weight just by breathing.

Let’s accelerate (potentialize) the weight-loss effect? If yes, lets go!

Not a fan of exercise? What a pity! This is the acceleration tool. Aerobic exercise is the largest fat burner there is, more than carnitine, more than thermogenics or somthing like that.

Examples of aerobic exercise include walking, running, pedaling. The idea is to start doing 1h of weekly aerobic exercise and from there 2h, 3h, 4h and 5h. how? For example, I cann’t run, just walk, so divide those 60 minutes into 3 walks of 20 minutes divided into 3 days of the week (Mon, Wed, Fri).

Think that is not a walk on a mall, it’s  more like a “I’m late to the work” walk, work hard to breathe, breathe in / out, and create a ritm, this is the best aerobic exercise tip anyone can gives to you. Add this exercise routine next to your feeding routine, soon you gonna to spend money on new clothes!

The same idea is for running or pedaling!





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