Global Warming is undoubtedly one of the most discussed issues in the world, there is a group of scholars who supports the idea that we are directly affecting the temperature of the earth through greenhouse gas emissions. Are derived from the burning of fossil fuels, also from the burning and felling of wood from forests, industrial activity, automobiles and some even mention about methane produced by animals used in breeding and slaughter.

aquecimento global mito ou verdade

There is uncertainty in the reliability of studies and results. Computer-generated climate simulation systems do not produce reliable results, as there is still a lot of data to be included and improved, so there is simulated reality production or a computerized projection of current climate patterns.

Other scholars defend the fact that man may have influenced very little, so that there was an “apocalyptic” climate change, resulting from his extractive practice through the ages.

Second, MOLION 2008, in its own summary of his article – “Global Warming: A Critical View”. It says:

Over the past 150 years, the average global temperature has increased by about 0.7 ° C. This increase is being attributed to the intensification of the greenhouse effect by anthropogenic activities, such as burning of fossil fuels and tropical forests, which emit CO2 – one of the greenhouse gases, but not the most important – and have increased their concentration of 280 ppmv To 380 ppmv over the same period.

The anthropogenic global warming hypothesis was critically discussed, demonstrating that it lacks solid scientific bases and is based mainly on results of climate models (MCG), “climate simulation software”, whose mathematical equations do not adequately represent the physical processes that Occur in the atmosphere, particularly the hydrological cycle.

“For example: heat streams distributed in the oceans.”

That is, the future projections of MCG, resulting from hypothetical scenarios, are mere academic exercises, unreliable and therefore unusable for the planning of human activities and social welfare. It is argued that human influence on climate, if it exists, is very small and impossible to detect in the face of its great natural variability.

Considering this variability, it is very likely that global cooling will occur in the next 20 years instead of heating. (MOLION, 2008)

Between 800 and 1200 AD there is evidence that the climate was hotter than the current, the Nordic known as “Vikings”, colonized the northern regions of Canada and Greenland. Greenland means “green earth”. Greenland is currently covered with ice.

This indicates that between 1350 and 1850 the climate cooled, reaching 2ºC lower than the current temperature, being described by the literature as “small ice age”. After 1850, the climate began to warm slowly, there being no doubt that there was global warming in the last 150 years.

However there are many factors that put certain claims on global warming at risk, there are studies that indicate that global temperatures have increased in various periods, such as reflection of solar radiation, periods of increased solar activity caused by sunspots, different types of Clouds with different reactions to absorb heat and repel solar rays, warmer oceans that absorb less CO2, and a series of climatic events such as volcanic activities and even galactic cosmic rays that have cycles generate effects on the Earth’s climate, among others.

Man emits 3% of all CO2 produced by the planet, there was a rapid warming between 1925-1946, when the emission of gases was 10% of the total generated today, and cooled after 1947-1976, when there was a great growth After the second war. The increase of CO2 is not directly responsible for the increase in temperature, but rather the consequence of the increase in temperature in the oceans, which in turn are influenced by other factors and phenomena, and these by others more.

The planet lives adjusting through all time, there are variations in temperature, and they cause climatic and catastrophic effects or vice versa.

In no way does this information allow us to destroy or pollute more than we have ever done. The commitment of science is the search for knowledge and truth. The importance and need to protect and restore our areas of environmental protection, the insistence on reducing anthropogenic pollution, the adoption of clean energy and renewable resources as essential practices for today and tomorrow, are the key to the future generations Can live here, study, respect and love. Getting through this to find solutions and discoveries for future events, and so on.

It is worth reading the 2008 Molion scientific paper, “for those who are not content with a simple explanation”, has a lot of technical data and has been deeply researched through various sources of authors and scientists, I tried to make a summary, but there is a lot Important information to read, so you can really understand the huge range of factors that influence global warming.


Source: Scientific article on global warming – Global Warming a Critical Analysis.pdf



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