The largest floating solar power plant in the world was recently inaugurated in China,

It is already in operation, was carried out by the company Sungrow, it is besieged in a province called Huainan, possessing 0.8km2, it is capable of generating 40mwh, enough to supply 15,000 houses.

china solar energy

Although some believe that being on the water, it may be compromising the biocycle of this flood. The information is: that this region was formerly a mining site, and had been abandoned many years ago, over time this area was flooded by rains, now reaching a depth of approximately 10 meters due The mineralization of the water resulting from the extractive practice is inappropriate for life.

In this case the floating photovoltaic plant becomes advantageous, it uses an unused area for beneficial use, the water naturally cools the systems and the regional environment, the humidity generated in the panel system and minimized by the low evaporation of the water caused by the Themselves.

China already has another large-scale photovoltaic plant, recently opened in a practically desert area, in the Tibetan plain near Qinghai province, covering an area of ​​about 27km2, generating 850mwh, capable of supplying more than 200,000 houses.

In addition to the two photovoltaic plants, the generation reaches almost 1gwh of clean and renewable electricity.

Brazilian energy generation is an example, but it can improve!

In Brazil the generation of energy through solar capture is still very small, given the great capacity to generate this type of energy, one of the barriers is the cost of implementation, policy, and in other situations the environmental embargoes.

But at the same time the government still insists on reactivating the Angra III nuclear power plant, which has a capacity to generate 1,350 mwh, Angra I and Angra II have already been in operation for some years, but not full and effectively, because maintenance costs Are still very high and all engineering itself. Currently they accumulate a little more than 4 billion loss.

At the Angra III plant, the government has already spent more than $ 7 billion, and it would still require $ 17 billion to put it into operation, data provided by the Ministry of Mines and Energy would then cost $ 24 billion or more.

This amount of investment needed to activate the Angra III plant would be sufficient to build 2400 photovoltaic plants, such as Tauá in Ceará, which now generates 1mwh, feeding 1,500 houses and costing 10 million.

If you do the accounts you will realize that with this amount spent on Angra III, you would get 1050mwh more for a much lower cost of maintenance, renewable and clean energy.

For more than 50 years have passed since the discovery of nuclear fission as a way to obtain electricity, and until today we do not know what to do with nuclear waste, and materials with more active contamination take more than 10 thousand years to stabilize and not Health risk.

Although it possesses a great abundance in raw material (components used to carry out nuclear fission), the risks and dangers in extraction, handling and disposal are very high. So in my opinion, this type of energy for the sustainable future is very unviable.

As neglect and human greed remain the same for a long time, I am totally against this type of source, save the use for medicinal purposes.

Another major source of sustainable energy is wind (wind), it already represents just over 10gwh of national production. Together with photovoltaic, they are in great expansion.

wind energy

Currently, Brazil has 80% of the electricity from renewable sources, 64% of which is Hydroelectric, 6.7% of Wind, and 9.3% of biomass. The remaining 20% of the use and burning of fossil fuels, 1.3% of thermonuclear plants. Photovoltaic (solar) energy, is at the lowest 0.02% of national production.

Let’s encourage more the use and deployment of them!



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